What makes a “Qualified” Electrical Person and How It Reduces Risk?

Dennis Neitzel at the NETA Conference

Dennis Neitzel, Director Emeritus of AVO Training Institute, gave a terrific presentation at the 2012 PowerTest Conference presented by NETA on the topic of what makes a ‘qualified person’ as it relates to reducing risk in electrical work.  Below is an audio capture of his entire presentation (and the PowerPoint file) where he explains this concept in excellent fashion referring to OSHA and NFPA language and regulations.  Throughout the 40 minute presentation Dennis touches on several areas of what makes a qualified worker, how training is a crucial part of the equation, and it concludes with a great Q&A session from the audience.

PowerPoint Reference File: DNeitzel_Utilizing Only Qualified Persons for Electrical Work Can Reduce Risk


3 thoughts on “What makes a “Qualified” Electrical Person and How It Reduces Risk?

  1. This is indeed an excellent presentation.
    This is exactly what we are promoting in the Caribbean. Sessions such as these will certaily go a long way in ensuring competence within our workforce

  2. 1-Is it possible to get ms-word or US-ASCII text files of the talks? It would be much easier for some of us to just plain read the transcript of the class.

    2-Is it possible to get .mp3 audio files of the class? We could then listen to them from our players with all of the advantages oif a stored file typoe system.

    Thank you,


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